Sea Activities


Is the best way to discover the beautiful underwater life of the Azores without needing a dive certification. Season Challenge has a variety of snorkeling sites in São Miguel Island, that range from shallower bottom to deeper areas such as the shipwreck site of the Dori.

This activity has a duration of 1 hour and you will be able to see several wrasse species, the atlantic and the blue damselfish, parrotfish, white seabream, grey triggerfish, common octopus, among other fascinating species.


Season Challenge offers you a quick and easy introduction to explore the underwater world with the correct training and direct supervision of our team.

With the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, you begin by doing a first dive in the swimming pool, where you will learn how to use the diving equipment, to follow the basic safety guidelines and learn the skills needed to scuba dive. Then, you will do a second dive where you will have the chance to see the marine life and put in practice your new skills in the sea!


Season challenge offers you a great variety of diving sites near São Miguel coast that goes from rock formations that provide shelter to a great diversity of marine species, to the artificial reef of the Dori shipwreck.

In coastal dives you will be able to see  Ornate wrasse, blue damselfish, parrotfish, white seabream, grey triggerfish, mediterranean and fangtooh morays. Also, you can observe large pelagic species such as yellowmouth barracuda, guelly jacks, among other fascinating species.

The offshore dives can be done either on Sabrina / Lourenços reff or inside marine reserved areas such as Formigas Islets/Dollabarat reef, D. João de Castro Bank and Ambrósio Reff.

In this sites you will be able to see large dusky groupers and also large pelagic species, such as skipjack tunas, wahoos, large Atlantic bonito, yellowmouth barracudas and guelly jack. It is also possible to see manta rays.


Technical diving is a fast growing activity within the diving community and Season Challenge is proud to be the first diving center contributing to the growth of technical diving in São Miguel Island.

Due to the absence of a continental shelf, São Miguel Island has a great variety of deeper diving spots, yet to be explored, near its coast. Our technical dives are mainly conducted on large seamounts, big underwater arches, oceanic banks and also shipwrecks which can provide you unforgettable dives.

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