Monday 26 April 2021

 PT🇵🇹:Hoje celebramos o dia mundial da Terra🌍. Não podemos deixar de refletir sobre o que de ela recebemos e o que a ela damos em troca. Fazemos a nossa parte, reciclagem, limpamos o mar a cada mergulho, mas temos que fazer mais, muito mais... só juntos conseguimos assegurar um futuro sustentável!♻️🐟🐳

EN🇬🇧: Today we celebrate Earth Day🌍. We cannot continue without thinking about what she gives to us and what we give back. We do our part by recycling and cleaning the ocean the best we can in every dive, but we must do more, a lot more... Only together we can build a more sustainable future!♻️🐟🐳

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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Trip Offshore Dives Formigas _ Dollabarat
10/07/20.  Join us!!

@Guy Costa

A dream in blue. Offshore diving in Formigas islets with Season Challenge PADI 5* IDC  Dive Resort!

Friday 3 July 2020

                         Today the office view is peaceful, almost no wind and a great sunny day!

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