Sunday, 19 June 2016

Arcos da Caloura & Ponta da Galera

The 1st dive spot was in Ponta da Galera, which has several tunnels and arches. At 12 meters of depth is situated the first tunnel, which has three wide entrances. The reef flank drops vertically to depths greater than 30 meters, where it is common to see big schools of pelagic fish.   

The 2nd dive spot was in Arcos da Caloura (20 meters of maximum depth). At 16 meters you can find one of the four entrances to an impressive cave - the main attraction of this spot. Inside the cave, it is common to see schools of guelly jacks. If you look carefully to the ceiling of the cave you might see different species of nudibranchs. Around the arches, it is possible to see several marine species that live in there such as, moray eels, emerald, ornate and Mediterranean rainbow wrasses and wide-eyed flounders.